Corporate Profile

FOGES stands for FOundation & Geotechnical Engineering Specialist

KH Foges is a leading Singapore-based Foundation and Geotechnical Engineering company with a paid up capital of $5,000,000 and registered as a CR08 - L6 Specialist Contractor with the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore, which is the highest registration category and which makes KH Foges eligible to participate in any Public Tenders for Specialist Foundation Works of unlimited value.

Since its inception in 2004, KHF has completed more than 300 projects in Singapore and the region, and today KH Foges has an established track record of being one of the largest foundation specialist excelling in value engineering for foundation works in difficult grounds or big scale heavy foundation projects that require unconventional engineering, thinking and committee delivery with assured quality results.


Group of Companies

PSL Engineering Pte Ltd

PSL is the Micro-Piling arm of KH Foges. PSL has more than 30yrs of piling experience and provides specialists services in ground engineering works for the construction industry. It is trusted for proven ability in high precision works in sensitive areas like jurong island.

Rotary Piling Pte Ltd

Rotary Piling was acquired by KH Foges in 2013 to enhance the portfolio of services offered by KH Foges and to expand the fleet of equipment. Rotary piling is a former bored piling specialist with operations in Malaysia, Singapore.

Key Strengths and Values


Competitive Advantage